Cancer Statistics In India

According to the Cancer India Organisation, “Estimated number of people living with the disease is around 2.25 million. And there are more than 11,57,294 lakhs new cancer patients registered every year. Also, the total cancer-related deaths account to 7,84,821 lakh, every year. After reading these statistics, each one of us must be alarmed about the increasing rate of cancer patients in the country. Despite such a huge prevalence, this life-taking disease is not well understood by many and thus remains undiagnosed for years of existence. Below are some things about Cancer that everyone needs to know.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer refers to a condition of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. This disease develops when old cells in the body do not die and grow out of control, thus resulting in the growth of new, abnormal cells. These abnormal cells can cause the formation of tumors, serious illness, disability and death. Not all abnormal growths result in tumours are cancerous. They can be benign that is non-cancerous or malignant (cancerous).

How does cancer spread?

Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body via the bloodstream or lymphatic system. There they can start to grow into new tumors. This process of cancer spreading can be termed as metastasis or invasion.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cancer?

Cancer can result in many symptoms and these symptoms are mostly caused by illness, benign tumors, injury or other issues. Some of the symptoms of cancer include Breast changer, bladder changer, bleeding or bruising, bowel changes, cough, eating problems, fatigue, fever or night sweats, mouth changes, nuerological problems, skin changes swelling weight gain or loss.

Is cancer contagious?

No, cancer is not contagious and does not easily spread from person to person. It can only spread from one person to another is in the case of organ or tissue transplantation.

What Can We Do?

Cancer is a pretty much treatable disease but due to various myths and misconceptions, this condition remains untreated thus resulting in the untimely death of many. Therefore, there is a need to spread cancer awareness around the country so that people can identify this grave condition and treat it on time.

Being an active citizen of the country, we can do our part in raising awareness about the disease. We can also raise funds to help those who are dealing with cancer.

You can be the change our community needs by doing your part. Support Unite4India today and help our country fight cancer from its roots.

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